Tool Lanyards

Tool Lanyards come in all shapes and sizes for a variety of different purposes. A lanyard is a strap or cable worn around the wrist or attached to an anchor point to help the user carry and work safely with a their tools. They can be attached at the wrist, the tool belt, around the waist, or a variety of other ways. Regardless of the object to which a tool lanyard is anchored, its purpose is to prevent tools from falling to the ground.

Tool lanyards are manufactured in a variety of shapes and styles, for example Fixed length webbing, Elasticated, Retractable & Shock Absorning, each having their own specific characteristics. It is important when choosing your tool lanyards to choose those that are best suited to the tools you use and the environment in which you work. While having an unsuitable lanyard is better than having none at all, you should still strive to have lanyards that are specifically designed to be effective for your industry.

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