A full training package covering all abilities of management on the autobelay systems, how to manage climbers and how to plan and manage an emergency situation.  This also covers practical rescue of a  WFC (Wall Fast Climber) with autobelays for all ranges of experience.  We will guide you through the management systems for public hire, crowd management around the walls and more importantly the climb zone and the procedures for fitting harness & equipment on a novice climber, dealing with the public, the safety implications and the resolutions.

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This course aimed at the owners, managers and staff of mobile climbing walls, with the intention of practicable skills in maintaining your wall and managing a valuable asset.  We'll cover the application & Use of mobile climbing walls, installation training with consideration of your wall type.  Comprehensive training on periodic visual inspection of your wall & trailer, harnesses & helmets required in use. Focus on the practical maintenance skills and pre-use requirements before, during and after the use of the your mobile wall and importantly towing requirements and the legislation.  All manufactures walls types covered.

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A basic instruction for installing and the do’s and don’ts for all autobelays in the market.  Covering regulations for installation and testing anchor points, safe use in application and the care & maintenance of your belay and anchor point.  We'll look at  the expectations and limitations of autobelays, the inspection and logging manuals for autobelays & installation points and how to minimize damage to walls and equipment.  This course can be taken prior to autobelays being fitted or as a refresher for installations in use.  Recommended to be under taken every two years and for new staff.

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A comprehensive introduction to general Working at Height. Ideal for those new to working at height, the use of case studies and HSE statistics on falls, injuries and fatalities helps to raise awareness of the dangers. The course focuses on relevant regulations, legislation, and best practice, and helps identify the safest and most suitable work equipment/methods, via risk assessment and the hierarchy of controls. A great foundation course to take before the Personal Fall Protection Equipment course.

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This course is specifically designed for those tasked with Working at Height where the elected control measure will be fall restraint, fall arrest or work positioning with the use of a safety harness and associated attachments. This course will cover selection, safe use, and appropriate inspection/maintenance regimes for either a selection of generic fall protection products, or can be tailored to specifically identified products and applications. Correct fitting and adjustment of the safety harness is included, as is pre-use checking of equipment.

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This course provides the required knowledge and practical hands-on experience to those tasked with conducting 3 or 6 monthly recorded inspections of items such as harnesses, lanyards, and fall arresters. In addition to the essential fault finding process, the course also covers relevant regulations, legislation, and standards and the completion and management of the associated inspection records. This course also gives the delegates an introduction to Asset Management Systems.

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Centred heavily around The Work at Height Regulations 2005 this course is suitable for those who plan, manage or supervise work at height activity. Similar in content to the “Introduction to W@H” course, however this course offers more detail on hazard identification, risk assessment, reporting of accidents, inspection and maintenance regimes, planning for rescue, and rescue equipment/methods available.

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To meet moral and legal obligations employers/sites now need to plan for emergencies at height. Dialing 999 is not the answer! We offer a number of rescue courses giving co-workers the knowledge and practical skills to rescue each other, whether incapacitated, suspended post-fall, or in a position requiring emergency self-evacuation (abseiling).The courses can also be tailored to suit the structure or environment, i.e. tower cranes, scaffolding, rooftops, VNA trucks etc.

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