Safedown Autobelay Rope Assembly

Safedown Autobelay Rope Assembly

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Brand: SafeClimb
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The new Series 2 Rope Assembly for the Safedown Autobelay features a compact swivel, giving the facility more connection options including screwgate, double, triple and quad action carabiners.

The Series 2 Rope Assembly and carabiner can be changed independently of each other, allowing you to get the most life out of both your rope and connector.

The Safedown replacement rope assembly is easily interchangeable to the SafeDown Autobelay, should you need a new rope between annual services.

Available in 8, 10, 12 and 15 meter lengths to exactly suit your facility.

6 meter replacement rope assemblies are also available but are provided in the Series 1 style, featuring a triple action Sidewinder carabiner which cannot be changed independently.

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